Stories of Change: Trade Behind the Headlines

September 28, 2017 — Geneva, Switzerland

While Least developed countries (LDCs) account for 13% of the global population, their participation in global trade remains very low. LDCs account for less than 1% of global trade exports.

Reception: A Strategic Partnership for Trade Development

September 27, 2017 — Geneva, Switzerland

Organizers: EIF and the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)

A reception on the occasion of announcing a new strategic partnership between the EIF and ITFC. 

New Gambia, New Opportunities

July 12, 2017 — Geneva, Switzerland

The EIF: Championing Change Through Inclusive Trade

July 11, 2017 — Geneva, Switzerland

Tourism for Development in Least Developed Countries

July 11, 2017 — Geneva, Switzerland