Agriculture and trade

When agriculture and trade align, incomes and economies change happens
The Enhanced Integrated Framework is launching a suite of stories that examine how African countries are tackling agricultural trade – building on the promise of higher yields and more markets.

Trading for Malawi's farmers, and the future

Malawi's farmers have been cultivating new crops with the National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi, supported by the Government of Malawi and EIF

Entrepreneurs in action in Comoros

The ylang-ylang, vanilla and cloves that grow in Comoros are being used to spur economic growth, with young entrepreneurs leading the way

Gambia getting more from cashews

The Gambia has been working across its supply chain to enhance trade in the country
These films from Malawi, Comoros and The Gambia show the impact trade can have, with agriculture supporting millions of the continent’s poor

Improving agriculture, enriching trade, transforming lives

In some of the most impoverished countries in the world, agriculture is the backbone of the economy. From household cultivation to cooperative harvesting to large-scale commodity production, the growing of crops for sustenance and for income supports millions of the poorest households. To create more stability for citizens and to increase exports for sustainable development, countries are taking trade analysis and applying it to their agricultural sectors – building on the promise of higher yields, better quality harvests and more markets.

Those efforts are as diverse as the people, the countries and the geographies, and this suite of stories examines three different approaches in Africa to enhancing agricultural production while expanding markets, and changing lives in the process.

Please join us for the launch of these EIF stories – that show the impact trade can have on farmers, that show how people with ideas can spur new industry, that show how partnerships can catalyze outcomes, and that demonstrate how agriculture fosters development in LDCs.

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