Fragile countries

By 2030, most of the world’s poor are expected to live in fragile and conflict-affected countries. While trade opens new opportunities, the countries that have long been isolated by years of conflict have yet to fully realize their trade potential, facing specific conflict-related challenges in building their economic foundation and integrating into the global economy.

Since its inception, EIF has worked with fragile and conflict-affected countries to lay the foundations for trade and development. Moving forward and based on EIF's experience and lessons learnt supporting such countries, the programme will apply a new implementation approach that takes into consideration special circumstances and aims to best achieve results for local people, institutions and economies. Institutional support will be customized to ensure a basic infrastrucure is in place, and coordination with partners and national programme cycles will be synchronized, and a flexible approach in development and implementation will be employed.

The EIF is also working with regional and local institutions to support countries to develop graduation strategies and transitional capacity-building measures.



For trade development, shifting from fragility to resilience


South Sudan Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (2014)


Aid for trade must focus on the poorest, most fragile countries