LDC graduation

31 May 2022
The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Vanuatu to the WTO talks graduation journey, Covid-19 and climate resilience, and how leaving the LDC category means the work as only just started.
On avoiding risks and challenges for countries striving to reduce poverty and tackle climate change
17 November 2020 - Dr Cheikh Tidiane Dieye
LDCs face a variety of challenges. Apart from a few rare and often unstable and reversible economic successes, LDCs, and especially those in Africa, which represent over 80% of the group's members, have not properly benefitted from the expansion of the global economy and international trade seen in recent decades. Some have even become relatively deindustrialized, despite increased access to imported intermediate products, particularly those destined for the manufacturing sector. LDCs continue to integrate into global value chains mainly by exporting unprocessed products and intermediate products that are raw material‑intensive. However, this route is too long and too complex, and, to make matters worse, is controlled from end to end by multinational firms that are reluctant to consider a change of course.
10 November 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
Cabo Verde is often described as “off the beaten path”, whatever that means. In reality, the tiny country of 10 islands has been on many paths since the 15th century, when Portuguese sailors first stopped in the uninhabited archipelago.
5 June 2020 - Jodie Keane
The world is changing, and so should our support to the world’s poorest countries
29 May 2020
Only 5 countries have graduated from LDC status since the category was established in 1971. 12 are set to potentially graduate in the coming years, largely based on economic gains. But with COVID-19 slowing economies and trade, is LDC graduation in peril?
26 May 2020 - Deanna Ramsay
New report dives into the details of shifting treatment, export markets and more
19 May 2020 - Daniel Gay
To get LDC graduation back on track, and to help other LDCs, reform of the international system of support must be fundamental and far-reaching.
18 May 2020 - Rajan Sudesh Ratna
How will graduation impact countries in South Asia and the trade support they benefit from? How can they prepare?
28 January 2020 - Daniel Gay
For many, graduation from least developed country status is not the end of the story.
14 January 2020 - Daniel Gay
Following rapid progress, up to 12 LDCs may leave the category in coming years. The countries involved include up to a quarter of the total LDC population.
4 December 2019 - Ana Luiza Cortez
Graduation from the least developed country (LDC) category, a milestone in a country’s development, is not free of controversies.
31 October 2019 - Daniel Gay Kevin P. Gallagher
The international system governing the environment and economy is under pressure, but it is in trade where least developed countries (LDCs) may lose most from cracks in the global order.
29 October 2019 - Michelle Kovacevic
Vanuatu became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) back in 2012, and has made immense economic progress.
Economic diversification and empowerment are essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; they also embody the rationale behind the Aid for Trade Initiative.
27 July 2018 - Daria Shatskova
The EIF’s Daria Shatskova talks development in the world’s poorest countries with UNDESA’s Daniel Gay