Cabo Verde
Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2007
DTIS update 2013
WTO accession 2008

EIF is supporting Cabo Verde to incorporate trade-related strategies into its Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy Paper, with the aim to strengthen the country's participation in regional and global markets.

In-country training sessions have had a strong emphasis on quality standards and project development.

MOU 09/05/16
Budget 594'344
End date 31/08/20

EIF is working to increase Cabo Verde's exports by strengthening institutional capacities to create and implement national trade strategies and policies.


  • The Strategic Plan for Trade Development, validated at a national workshop in June 2015, identified agriculture, tourism and creative industries as sectors for development.
  • 105 women participated in an entrepreneurship meeting organized in partnership with Associação das Mulheres Empresárias de Santiago to promote small and micro enterprises.
  • 43 participants from the private and public sectors attended training sessions on product quality, standards, project development and management.
  • 39 SMEs were trained in labor laws, food safety and hygiene, helping to achieve higher standards in food management protocols.
  • Cabo Verde Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (2009)

  • Cabo Verde Action Matrix (2009)

  • Cabo Verde Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU) (2013)

  • Cabo Verde DTIS Update Action Matrix (2013)

  • Securing Sustained Impact: Implementing IPoA: The role of the EIF (2016)

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