Zoritsa Urosevic

Observer, UNWTO

Zoritsa Urosevic is currently the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Representative to the United Nations in Geneva. She joined the World Tourism Organization in 2006, working in positioning tourism in the development cooperation and trade agenda.

Since LDC IV, UNWTO has launched the Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD), an alliance of UN entities and the WTO aiming at "Delivering as One for Tourism", and she has been working closely with the EIF. Seeing the importance of tourism for the LDCs, in 2013, UNWTO was invited to join the EIF Board, of which it is a member. Mobilizing the strengths and expertise of UNWTO and the EIF partnership, Zoritsa Urosevic has been strongly advocating for making tourism part of an inclusive and sustainable growth strategy for the LDCs.

She has led the UN consultation process with UNWTO Member States – contributing to the Rio+20 outcome document "The future we want", which acknowledges the importance of tourism in the three dimensions of sustainability; and she participated in the build-up towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, where tourism is included in three Goals. Her innovative and strategic thinking has led to building responses to global challenges and formulating and developing sustainable policies and strategies at the regional, national and corporate levels.

From 1993 to 2004, she worked for the Seychelles at the Ministry of Industry and at the Ministry of Tourism and Transport as Director of International Cooperation, including with UNWTO and other institutions.

Zoritsa Urosevic started her career in France as Export Director for the Société Générale, Groupe SOGEXPORT, in Paris, after having completed Psychology and Business Management studies in Strasbourg.