Mar 5




ESCAP-EIF Capacity-building Workshop on Emerging Priorities in Least Developed Countries on Trade and Development

This workshop will bring together government officials from LDCs members of ESCAP participating in the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF). The workshop will focus on four key areas (1) Trade facilitation, (2) Trade and SDGs, (3) Least developed countries graduation, and (4) FDI promotion. The workshop will combine presentations by resource persons, panel discussions and breakout groups. The workshop will be co-organized with the EIF Secretariat and support implementation of EIF-supported national trade development activities in each of the least developed countries involved.

Participants include designated officials from the Asian and Pacific least developed countries in areas of trade and development.

This event is being organized as part of the Fifth Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week, 30 October-3 November, 2017.
For more details see: http://www.unescap.org/events/fifth-asia-pacific-trade-and-investment-w…