Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2016
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 1995

Working together with local stakeholders and development partners, EIF is assisting Myanmar to incorporate trade into its National Comprehensive Development Plan, and has established an Aid for Trade Coordination Unit as well as working on consolidating programming for trade development intiatives. 

With the support of EIF, Myanmar has developed trade-specific strategies drawn from the country's Diagnostic Trade Integration Study and based on 4 main pillars: 1) agricultural development, 2) balanced growth among regions and states, 3) inclusive growth, and 4) quality statistics.

MOU 18/08/15
Budget 600'000
End date 17/08/19

EIF is supporting Myanmar's integration into international trade, to spur sustainable development and poverty reduction.


  • Launched Medium-Term Programme identifying 181 action plans under 5 core pillars and 23 clusters on 30 March 2017. Over the past two years, at least seven national sectoral trade-related development plans or frameworks have been endorsed and launched by the government. 
  • Trained 500 participants from the private sector on rules of origin, self-certificate system, REX system and hardware and network maintenance. 
  • Trained 1,158 public officials and private sector representatives. Eight workshops and six meetings held for 1,498 participants.
  • Aid for Trade corner developed on the Ministry of Commerce website to facilitate awareness raising on progress and achievement under the DTIS.
  • Myanmar Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS): Opening for Business (Summary) (2016)

  • Myanmar Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS): Opening for Business (2016)