Working together with local stakeholders and development partners, EIF is supporting Haiti to incorporate trade into its national development strategy. This includes fostering dialogues between government and the private sector and support and strategies for mobilizing resources.

EIF is working to develop and reinforce Haiti's institutional capacities in the formulation and implementation of trade policies and strategies.


  • 60 beneficiaries from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, stakeholder institutions and the private sector participated in a training in July 2015 to improve their understanding of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and other topics related to project implementation.
  • Quarterly Joint Committee meetings are now being held aimed at fostering dialogue between the government and the private sector on trade issues and Foreign Direct Investment.
  • Initiatives launched aimed at mobilizing resources and expertise, among them a roundtable workplan, the preparation of project monitoring tools, sector plans for a public investment program and outreach to technical and financial partners.
  • English language trainings held for 19 officials from the Ministry of Trade.

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