Burkina Faso
Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2007
DTIS update 2014
WTO accession 1995

Together with partners, EIF has been instrumental in putting in place Burkina Faso's Trade Mainstreaming Roadmap. The plan aims to place trade integration into sector-based action plans, and supports implementation in the context of the country's Poverty Reduction Strategy.

A coordination platform for the public and private sector and donor community has been establishd for trade-related capacity building, policy development and Aid for Trade initiatives. Targeted support in key sectors such as sesame, shea almond, cashew and mango is being provided, with a strong emphasis on women's economic empowerment. 

MOU 27/11/15
Budget 300'000
End date 27/02/20

EIF is working to increase Burkina Faso's exports by strengthening institutional capacities to create and implement national trade strategies and policies.


  • Sector strategies including rural development, industry, energy, tourism and transport incorporated trade.
  • Funders in Burkina Faso are aligning Aid for Trade support with DTIS findings.
  • Sector policy for industry, trade and handicrafts and its action plan updated, with EIF support.
MOU 06/11/12
Budget 2'666'884
End date 30/06/18

Burkina Faso is one of the top sesame producers in the world, but lack of organization and low quality crops have prevented the sector from reaching its full potential. In working to support sesame production, EIF emphasized the employment of female farmers, who represent 40% of the sector.


  • MiriyaGnouma, a groupd of 53 female sesame producers, increased its capacity to process sesame into oil fro 30 litres a day to 60. Average annual turnover was 18 million FCFA (approximately US$30,000), and following EIF support turnover has risen to 25 million FCFA, or an increase of 40%  
  • Export of sesame increased from 98,754 tonnes in 2012 to 171,461 tonnes in 2015. Export value increased from US$89.5 million in 2012 to US$169.8 million in 2015.
  • Trained 467 sesame producers in production techniques and post-harvest operations, safe use of pesticides and compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary standards.
  • Four 100-ton capacity warehouses were built in Léo, Dédougou, Fada and Koupela.
MOU 08/01/19
Budget 1'888'230
End date 30/06/23

Shea almond covers 70% of Burkina Faso's surface area, and each year approximately 850 tons of shea nuts are produced and 250 tons of shea butter is processed. Shea almond provides substantial revenues for rural producers, including the 500,000 women whose livelihoods depend on the product. Building on an earlier project, EIF has started new work supporting export competitiveness and strenghtening the shea value chain.


  • In June 2015, the government adopted the Shea Almond Sector Development Strategy to serve as the reference document for all interventions at the national level in the shea almond industry. The strategy was developed with the support of EIF in collaboration with ITC.
  • 8 shea butter processors participated in the Foire internationale de Dakar (FIDAK) trade fair in December 2015.
MOU 04/07/14
Budget 2'999'089
End date 31/12/18

Aligned with Government strategies and together with several umbrella organizations, EIF worked to strengthen the commercialization of the dried mango and processed cashew nut sectors.


  • Incomes of more than 6,679 individuals in the mango sector improved (including 5,344 women), and for the cashew sector 3,217 people.
  • 1,436 new jobs were created in the mango and cashew nut sectors as a result of the increase of production capacity and the setting up of new processing units for mangoes.
  • The Sahelian Cashew Forum (FOCAS) June 2018, organized with the support of the project, involved the participation of 10 West African countries in addition to Burkina Faso, with about 300 participants.
  • Burkina Faso Matrice d'Action / Action Matrix (2007)

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  • Burkina Faso Etude Diagnostique d'Intégration au Commerce (EDIC) / Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (2007)

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  • Burkina Faso: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) (2012)

  • Burkina Faso Etude Diagnostique sur l’Intégration Commerciale (DTIS Update) (2014)

  • Burkina Faso National Sustainable Development Strategy of Shea Butter (2015-2019)

  • eTrade Readiness Assessments of Land-Locked Developing Countries