Diagnostic Trade Integration Study


DTIS Update


WTO Accession

Le CIR aide la Tanzanie à intégrer le commerce dans les plans, les stratégies et les budgets des ministères, et le pays a élaboré des stratégies commerciales pour la facilitation et la formation concernant les chaînes de valeur.

Tourism and Tanzania

Le tourisme et la Tanzanie
Boosting growth and prosperity through agribusiness, extractives and tourism

Favoriser la croissance et la prospérité grâce à l'agro industrie, aux industries extractives et au tourisme

EIF worked to strengthen the Ministry of Trade's institutional and human resources capacity in order to improve the country's ability to trade globally.


  • Co-funding of more than US$2 million from UNDP.
  • Ministries, departments and agencies trained staff in trade prioritizing, planning and budgeting.
  • Trained 120 (78 men, 42 women) related to the avocado value chain in Iringa, Njombe and Mbeya.
  • In Zanzibar, a two‑day workshop was held by the Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing in August 2015 with 29 planning officers identifying several areas that need further Aid for Trade to make the trade sector grow and effectively contribute to economic growth. 

Tanzania DTIS Update Infographic (2017)
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