Le CIR aide le Libéria à intégrer le commerce dans ses politiques publiques et soutient le renforcement des capacités liées au commerce ainsi que l'accession du pays à l'OMC.

On Liberia's eTrade readiness

État de préparation du Libéria au commerce électronique
On diversifying Liberia's economy through tourism

Diversification de l'économie du Libéria par le biais du tourisme

EIF is working to strengthen the country's capacity to develop and implement trade policies, prioritize trade in the national development plan and improve donor coordination.


  • All donor‑funded initiatives incorporated under one umbrella called the Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU), operated from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • SPIU coordinated the production of the Liberia WTO Post‑Accession Strategy and Implementation Plan. Since accession, the plan remains Liberia's primary tool to continue its economic reform agenda.
  • Identified sectors of tourism and rubberwood to support Liberia’s economic transformation, and launched related export strategies with support from ITC.
  • Established one-stop showcase and sales shop for locally produced products called the Liberia Market Place to support small businesses and their market access, and promoted Liberian products at range of events.

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