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Norway contributes 19.5 million Kroner to build sustainable trade foundations in Least Developed Countries

Norway contributes 19.5 million Kroner to build sustainable trade foundations in Least Developed Countries

31 October 2012

The Government of Norway has disbursed NOK 19.5 million to the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), a programme that works to contribute to poverty reduction in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) by helping them to integrate into the global trading economy.

Norway's commitment in creating a more equitable and just global trading environment is reaffirmed by its investment in enhancing trading capacity in LDCs. As one of the 23 donors to the EIF multi‐donor Trust Fund, Norway's contribution further champions sustainable trade, development and poverty alleviation in LDCs, which remains imperative in the context of the global economic outlook.

Norway's Ambassador, H.E. Mrs Elin Østebø Johansen states, "Norway regards the EIF as an important channel for our trade‐related assistance because the EIF is entirely focused on the LDCs. The main challenge is to ensure that Aid for Trade contributes to an improved life for the poorest."

H.E. Dr Mothae Anthony Maruping, Chairman of the EIF Board, remarks, "On behalf of the EIF Board, I highly commend Norway's contribution to the EIF programme. As an EIF Board Member, Norway continues to play a vital role in providing strategic oversight for programme implementation and supporting equitable outcomes in projects with long‐lasting benefits for the poor. Through Norway's support to the EIF, alongside other development partners, we now have projects addressing LDC priority needs and contributing to national efforts to better livelihoods in the poorest countries. For instance, in Nepal, the approved Tier 2 project on ginger assists mainly poor women‐headed households while promoting the public‐private sector collaboration to improve the quality of, and add value to, ginger exports."

Ms. Dorothy Tembo, Executive Director of the Executive Secretariat for the EIF, comments, "We greatly appreciate Norway's support to the EIF Trust Fund especially at this critical juncture where LDCs are rolling out and implementing projects targeted at addressing national challenges to trade. Norway's leadership and commitment in advancing better trading futures for LDCs is notable through their work with the EIF, a programme unique in its objective to develop LDCs' ability to trade."

Notes to editors:

1. The Enhanced Integrated Framework is a multi‐donor programme that supports Least Developed Countries and recently graduated countries to be more active players in the global trading system by helping them tackle supply‐side constraints to trade.

2. The programme is currently helping 48 of the poorest countries worldwide, supported by a Multi‐Donor Trust Fund with contributions from 23 donors. 31 projects are already under way since 2009.

3. The Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat (EIF ES), housed in the WTO, and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) as EIF Trust Fund Manager work in support of the programme.