EIF Regional Workshop in Kampala: Forging New Paths for LDCs in Global and Regional Trade

Fevereiro 19, 2019 a Fevereiro 22, 2019 — Kampala, Uganda

EIF's Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2022 has been developed to set out the next course of action for EIF.

Film Launch: Exploring the Agriculture and Trade Nexus in Africa

Outubro 2, 2018 a Outubro 4, 2018 — Geneva, Switzerland

Stories from Malawi, Comoros and The Gambia screening all day in Room Z at the WTO.

EIF @ WTO Public Forum 2018

Outubro 2, 2018 a Outubro 4, 2018 — Geneva, Switzerland

EIF is participating in a range of panels at Trade 2030, the World Trade Organization's Public Forum 2018 event.

Trade for Peace: Integration of Fragile States into the Global Economy as a Pathway Towards Peace and Resilience

Outubro 4, 2018 — Geneva, Switzerland

At the WTO's Public Forum 2018, "Trade 2030," EIF is hosting a session on supporting fragile and conflict-affected countries.

Global Forum on Inclusive Trade for LDCs

Junho 13, 2018 a Junho 14, 2018 — Genève, Organisation Mondiale du Commerce,

EIF High-Level Dialogue: Investing in Trade in the LDCs

Dezembro 9, 2017 — Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the eve of the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference, ministers, senior officials and experts will discuss how to further support trade in the LDCs and what further measures can be taken to integrate the LDCs into the global trading system.

ESCAP-EIF Capacity-building Workshop on Emerging Priorities in Least Developed Countries on Trade and Development

Novembro 2, 2017 a Novembro 3, 2017 — Bangkok, Thailand

This workshop will bring together government officials from LDCs members of ESCAP participating in the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF). The workshop will focus on four key areas (1) Trade facilitation, (2) Trade and SDGs, (3) Least developed countries graduation, and (4) FDI promotion.

EIF Board Meeting

Outubro 11, 2017 a Outubro 12, 2017 — Phnom Penh, Cambodia